3D concepts visualisation

We thrive on creating truely unique experiences when given similiar scopes of work. It’s in our ethos to fully embody and envision our clients needs, while standing out by creating an element of story as our common thread for each carefully crafted project.

TF2020 Front Room v6

scenic concept for proj map outside in

Ximena Sacriface Temple

My final project for Game Art1 at dae howest. I was inspired by the Aztecs and the Maya culture. handpainted textured on Photoshop and modelled in 3DS max. I had so much fun doing this and I hope you like it!

Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls virtual environment optimized for mobil VR.

Colony Patrol Suit

Space maneuver suit – Colony Patrol version.

Google Poly Test

Space maneuver suit – Colony Patrol version.